Drag Knife Holder


The Drag Knife Adapter is an accessory that allows handibot users to hold a stationary bit with a half inch shank in their Handibot. This will be useful for people who would like to cut paper, cardboard, vinyl, leather and wood veneer (which does not need to spin like a regular router bit). The adapter clamps into the stock Handibot router bracket and the tool is held in place by a set screw. This accessory will work with all versions of Handibot. 

Store Description

From wood veneer, to leather, to vinyl decals; precisely cut any material that you could cut with a standard utility knife. This holder allows you to attach a Donek® Drag Knife to your Handibot®

Simply remove your normal router and clamp this holder into the router bracket. Design using the drag-knife toolpathing gadget in the vCarve software that came with your Handibot. 

This kit includes one Donek D2 Drag Knife and the adapter bracket for mounting the knife in your Handibot.