Large Material Jig


An inexpensive jig designed to make it easier to cut out large parts by tiling with a handibot. All handibot include a pointer which can be attached to the front of the tool and used to align the tool with the V-shaped grooves in the large material jig.

Store Description

Expand your Handibot® Smart Power Tool's cutting area. Now you can cut and carve a project on or up to a 4x8 sheet with the addition of the Large Material Indexing Jig.

Unleash the cutting area of your Handibot! The Large Material Jig allows you to cut a job that is larger than the 6x8" cutting area of your machine. By using a notched fence, you divide your cutting job up into tiles using the provided software. Then you cut each tile by engaging the machine into the corresponding tile. This allows you to cover a very large area with your portable machine. The included fence and spacers allow you to index your machine anywhere in a 4x8 sheet of plywood*.

  • Includes: 1 left indexing fence, 1 right indexing fence, 1 8" spacer, and 2 16" spacers. Enables your Handibot to reposition over 4'x8' area.

*Kickstarter Backers and Early Adopters that purchase this jig will be provided with (at no additional cost) a new baseplate, base pad, Y anti backlash nut bracket, and blue pointer to bring their tool up to the latest specs. The installation of these parts will make the earlier tools compatible with this jig.