FabMo Updates

FabMo runs two separate pieces of software; the FabMo engine and the updater. The engine controls everything concerning motion and cutting on your tool, it creates your FabMo dashboard. The updater handles software updates and network connectivity of the tool.

When your tool is connected to a network, it will automatically download updater and engine updates. You will be notified of available, downloaded updates in the configuration menu on your tool.

If your tool is not connected to the internet (via WiFi network connection), you will need to manually update your tool by downloading and installing the latest version of the engine (note: do not download the "consolidated" update, this is only for very early FabMo tools).

If your tool is running FabMo version 1.4.1 or earlier (If you bought you tool before 2017 and have never updated your software), then you will need to download the "consolidated" update for the latest version, this will update your engine as well as your updater. This is available from the same page as the latest version update.