Tech Support Bulletins

FabMo v1.7.2 available here. Provides fix for metric units bug from 1.7.0.

  • Improvments to manual control pad.
  • Ethernet connectivity support.
  • Spindle pause triggers Z pull-up.
  • New homing routines.

Unit switching (inches to mm) bug in FabMo v1.7.0 and later. Currently working on fix. Unit change causes tool lock-up and loss of settings. Please keep tool set to inches until patch is complete.

  • Symptoms: "start" button not working, manual controls not working, apps missing, macros missing.
  • Recovery: Add ":81" to tool's IP address (e.g. and click the option for "Factory Reset", detailed instructions here.
  • After Factory Reset, leave tool in "inches" mode. Fix for mm use in process--updates will be posted here.

The cut files for modifying the handibot hood for Bridge Edition (Large Sheet Tool) upgrades have been moved here.

Current ShopBot Indexer VCarve post processor does not work for FabMo Versions 1.5.2 and earlier, corrected post processor available here.