Bridge Edition (Upgrade)


A kit that allows owners of the Adventure Edition Handibot to upgrade their tool to the Large Sheet Tool model of Handibot. The upgrade is currently only available for Adventure Edition Handibots. V1.1 and earlier handibots do not have a place for the longer motor to pass through the exoframe of the tool--and will need more work for an upgrade to be possible.

Store Description

For owners of the Handibot® Smart Power Tool v2.0 Adventure Edition -- This kit contains all of the parts and tools required to convert your Adventure Edition tool into a Handibot Large Sheet Tool.

A simpler and faster way to complete your large projects with Handibot Smart Power Tools; the Handibot Large Sheet Tool is a new tool designed specifically to make large projects easier to set up and cut out.

Clamp the tool's 24" frame onto your material and complete your job in a series of small cuts, in a process known as "tiling".

What is tiling? Imagine trying to print a large photograph using just a small desktop printer. You might print the photo out on a dozen sheets of paper; each sheet containing a small part of the larger image. Once joined together in the proper order, the smaller sheets would form a larger image.

Tiling applies that same strategy to cutting out large patterns with a small CNC router. Take a plan for a chair or a bookshelf--break the cut up into "tiles" that fit the tool--then move the tool across the material, stopping to cut out each tile as you go.